Every year over four thousand children under the age of five and 2,000 mothers die in The Gambia due to insufficient medical equipment, training and support.

Horizons was formed to help combat this shocking statistic with an aim to improve healthcare in the Gambia through the construction of a high quality multi-million pound hospital project committed to deliver state of the art sustainable healthcare provision that is affordable for all Gambians.

Much progress has already been made with 40% of the country’s population covered by the INFECTION, PREVENTION & CONTROL Outreach Programme that has resulted in hygiene standards being raised substantially.

How we can change things

Horizons Clinic

The Horizons Clinic will be the first international standard hospital in The Gambia offering a range of specialist (secondary & tertiary) services not available in The Gambia.

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Outreach & Training

Horizons has developed partnerships to strengthen midwifery services in outreach centres. This is essential to promoting safe motherhood. In particular Horizons organises training to raise standards in maternity cleanliness.

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How you can help

Please support us. Your generosity will help the most vulnerable in The Gambia and enable Horizons to expand its training programmes.

For more information please email: tina.manjang@thehorizonsclinic.com

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