Our history

The driving force behind Horizons is Professor James N’Dow, leading a team of international business and healthcare professionals. Born in the Gambia, James trained in Aberdeen UK where he is now Professor of Urological Surgery and Director of the Academic Urology Unit. James has travelled to the Gambia every year for almost the past two decades, with other UK-trained specialist consultant surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses, to carry out charitable work at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

The Horizons model is a departure from long-term charity funding as the mainstay of healthcare development in sub-Saharan Africa. The project is underpinned by a principle of entrepreneurial philanthropy bringing together four key investment partnerships - the international commercial sector, the local business community, the philanthropic world and committed implementation collaborators - to deliver financially self-sustainable high-quality healthcare provision in low income country settings.

To ensure Horizon’s sustainability and that The Gambia can enjoy the kind of medical care we take for granted, ongoing financial contributions are urgently required for ongoing operational costs, for those in the poorest areas who cannot be treated or incur complications during treatment and for those who require specialised care.

Our aims

Horizons has a twofold vision for The Gambia.

  1. To provide quality healthcare for those who desperately need it but who have no financial means (Horizons Charities). Horizons has already started doing charitable work in The Gambia focussing on improving healthcare for pregnant women and children less than two-years old by: providing training to health professionals; and thorough-cleaning childbirth facilities. In time, Horizons Trust Gambia will increase access to high quality care through community outreach centres.
  2. To build and manage a high quality medical facility for those who can afford private treatment (the Horizons Clinic). This is an unmet need in the Gambia and other West African countries. Profits from the Clinic will be used by Horizons Trust Gambia to provide high quality care to the poor. Wealth redistribution through healthcare.

Horizons’ high standard operating theatres will repair vesicovaginal fistulae and help reverse social isolation of the women.

Our projects

Horizons Clinic

The Horizons Clinic will be the first international standard hospital in The Gambia offering a range of specialist (secondary & tertiary) services not available in The Gambia.

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Outreach & Training

Horizons has developed partnerships to strengthen midwifery services in outreach centres. This is essential to promoting safe motherhood. In particular Horizons organises training to raise standards in maternity cleanliness.

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How you can help

Please support us. Your generosity will help the most vulnerable in The Gambia and enable Horizons to expand its training programmes.

For more information please email: tina.manjang@thehorizonsclinic.com

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