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Horizons clinic will have 60 beds. There will be a comprehensive outpatients department and diagnostic service.

The Horizons Clinic will be the first international standard hospital in The Gambia offering a range of specialist (secondary & tertiary) services not available in The Gambia. Patients needing specialist care currently, either do not receive it or have to travel abroad, at significant cost, to receive the required care. The Horizons Clinic therefore will be complementary to the current healthcare provision available in The Gambia.

Horizons Clinic will, for the first time, give extant healthcare providers in The Gambia the option to refer patients needing specialist care to a high quality hospital locally. Horizons will also offer local healthcare workers opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD) to further strengthen the health system.

The fee structure for the services provided by the Horizons Clinic has not yet been finalised. This will be done in due course with the appointed Hospital Operator, Healthshare.

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