Horizons works in collaboration with other providers of healthcare to increase the capacity and standard of healthcare in the Gambia through provision of much needed education and training.

For the past few years, Horizons Trust Gambia has been working in partnership with six health facilities and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare on the Gambia Maternity Cleanliness Champions Initiative to reduce preventable causes of death and ill-health, such as healthcare-associated infections at birth.

Each supported facility, except one, has manged to establish a regular training cycle and in 2020 we are focusing our efforts on supporting the 68 facility based trainers with reinforcing the training delivery at their health facility. We will be working with them to understand what works and what the challenges are with attracting higher attendance and also look at how we can use incentives around attendance more effectively.

Horizons will continue this vital infection control training, monitoring and evaluation of outcomes, with money donated by Brussels Airlines Bike for Africa. To date over 400 healthcare staff, community workers and expecting mothers have been educated on the importance of IPC measures during all stages of pregnancy.

In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, and MRC Gambia Horizons welcomed the World Gastroenterology Organisation to The Gambia in 2014 to lead a Gastroenterology Regional Training Course for the first time for the West African sub-region. In the future the Horizons Training Institute will develop a full training programme based in the Horizons Clinic for outreach clinic staff and other healthcare professionals in the Gambia, funded by the Horizons charities.


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